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What to Consider When Choosing a Data Center

Arsalon’s enterprise-class data centers have the scalability, efficiencies, and expertise for companies to leverage without having to make sizable capital investments. When it’s time to consider outsourcing data center services, the following can guide your company in choosing a data center solution to fit your criteria and budget. Download the full white paper (PDF).

Understand Your Hosting Environment

  • Evaluate your current and future IT environment.

  • Choose a hosting provider that supports the types of hardware and software your company utilizes.

  • Evaluate how services are delivered. Bundled verses a la carte service proposals can impact the overall design of your technology solution.

Research Power, Cooling & Network Redundancy

  • Closely compare the power, cooling and network redundancy of a potential data center provider.

  • The hosting facility must have redundant sources to maintain data center performance at full load: internet connectivity, power and environmentals.

  • The ability to bring in the internet carrier of your choice may also be an important option in your IT plan. Some data centers also offer a private fiber network ring as a third layer of network connectivity and reliability for your company to leverage for optimum network speed and efficiency.

Compare Infrastructure and Security

  • Evaluate the disaster planning and audit standards of the data center.

  • If your company is regulated, such as healthcare and financial institutions, audit standards are mandatory for certain levels of security compliance. Compare your findings to your industry’s regulations and to The Uptime Institute’s standards for data center performance and efficiency.

Review Contracts and Service Level Agreements

  • Make sure you select a data center that holds up to their contracts and SLAs.

  • Inquire about maintenance schedules that could impact access to your services and equipment.

  • Carefully review all contract stipulations and ask how new service requests or unused services are handled once a contract is initiated.

Test Knowledge and Expertise

  • Ask about the qualifications and training of the employees available 24x7x365 that are on-site to handle requests. A data center’s experience, staff, and ability to fulfill your support needs are as crucial as the staff you hire to manage your internal IT department.