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Data Backup & Custom Disaster Recovery Solutions

Prevent data loss and business downtime. Organizations of all sizes require data backup and disaster recovery planning. Arsalon’s remote backup service is a complete, offsite, data backup and recovery service that is applicable to any size client’s LAN or WAN environment. The backup service employs a fully managed and redundant IP storage network comprised of best-in-class software and hardware.

Secure, Managed Data Backup with Arsalon

Arsalon’s remote backup is a client/server utility that automatically and routinely backs up critical client data from servers at one or more facilities to one or all of our enterprise class data centers. Our remote backup service can replace or augment a new or existing customer data backup and restoration utility.

  • Safeguard company-wide data

  • Continuous data protection and full service restoration

  • Complete image or full backup

  • Efficient data transfer and storage

  • Choose from onsite storage in the same data center as your server, or offsite data backup to a second Arsalon data center

  • Audited for HIPAA and PCI compliance

Custom Disaster Recovery Solutions

Regulatory compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI, are making secure remote backup a necessity for many businesses. Arsalon’s experienced network engineers design customized disaster recovery solutions to meet your business’ budget and recovery time objectives (RTO).

  • Use remote backup services as a way to provide reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the customer’s information from unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or deletion

  • Customized, managed disaster recovery solutions enable you to recover a complete image of each VM instance – including data, applications, operating systems, everything on the server – within the data center or at an alternate location

Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective Data Backup Systems

Arsalon data backup and protection will maximize resources and maintain access to stored data.

Reduce backup system costs:

  • Data deduplication, file archiving and other technologies reduce storage requirements

  • Automate backup and data replication to decrease staff demands and labor costs

  • Optimize network resources to maximize bandwidth efficiency

  • No capital expenditure or yearly software maintenance fees

  • Highly competitive monthly rates

Increase data availability:

  • 99% availability compared to tape systems at 50%

  • Certified data center support personnel available 24x7x365

  • No need to worry about outdated tapes and changing technologies

Professional backup administration and support:

  • Reduce risks by replacing manual tasks with more reliable, consistent online data protection

  • 24x7x365 support with certified, experienced network engineers

  • Expert configuration of individual retention policies